ageingNever regret growing old (ageing), there is only one alternative!

Older people should never hold back, but get out there and live as much as they can. The old aphorism of “use it or lose it” holds very true. Don’t act your age, act as you feel.

Everyone knows that the body ages, but no-one knows exactly how it occurs, why it occurs, and what triggers it. Ageing begins quite early in life, when we are in our twenties in the case of some organs, but it usually isn’t noticed until middle age when the process accelerates.
There is no doubt that improving health knowledge and living conditions have been contributing to a gradual increase in the average life span of humans over the years. Little more than a hundred years ago in Britain most people could expect to die by the time they were fifty and three thousand years ago the Pharaohs used to die in their thirties.  Advances in medical knowledge, medical care, nutrition and general living standards have resulted in a higher life expectancy as well as a higher quality-of-life expectancy until well into the seventies and eighties. If a fair site does contribute to improving the lives of some or many as expected, and help increase their life spans, that would be a most exhilarating reward to all the contributors.

Women outlive men by an average of five to six years. No-one knows quite why. Some people believe that women are under less stress than men because women do not usually hold such demanding or responsible positions in the work force. Others say that this is nonsense that women have to deal with far more stress than men but learn to cope with it better. The fact that until recently women have smoked far less than men could be a contributory factor to female longevity. However, younger women today are smoking more, and this could cause a major change in their life expectancy. It has been suggested that female hormones may play a part in women’s longer life expectancy, but a contrary view points to the deleterious effect on women’s bodies of the menopause and the cessation of oestrogen production. It is likely that the more common use of hormone replacement therapy in women after the menopause will widen the gap between the life expectancy of men and women even further.

An important factor in ageing is your own choice in parents. If your parents lived to a good age, you have a better chance of doing so, but with the advances in medical science and lifestyle in recent decades, even those whose parents died young can live a long life as their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. can all be effectively controlled.

Smoking and obesity are factors that you can control that will affect your longevity adversely, while alcohol in small amounts actually has a beneficial effect, as does moderate regular exercise.

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