Baby Febrile Convulsion

Baby who is undergoing a febrile convulsion - the baby's face is scrunched up and their skin has a purple tingeSmall children under the age of about four sometimes have convulsions because of a rapid rise in temperature. The actual temperature is not as important as the rate at which the temperature rises. These baby febrile convulsions generally consist of body rigidity, twitching, arched head and back, rolling eyes, a congested face and neck, and bluish face and lips. This can be extremely alarming for parents, but generally the seizure will end quite quickly.

The carer should:-

  • ensure that the airway is clear
  • turn the child on to the side if necessary
  • remove the child’s clothing
  • bathe or sponge the child with lukewarm water
  • when the convulsion has eased, cover them lightly and obtain medical attention.

Prevention involves keeping the child cool with cool sponging. Baby febrile convulsions are not a form of epilepsy and will not cause permanent damage.

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