Floppy Baby Syndrome

The floppy baby syndrome is a partial widespread muscular paralysis in an infant. A generalised lack of muscle tone in a newborn infant is not a common problem, but may be a sign of serious illness. If the baby is floppy, and not moving arms and legs spontaneously a serious…

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Failure To Thrive

Failure to thrive is a term use to describe babies and young children under two years of age who are lighter than 97% of children their age, and who do not put on weight or develop at the expected rate. Obviously the most common cause is neglect and starvation. Sometimes this…

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Fifth Disease

Fifth disease (erythema infectiosum) is a common childhood viral disease caused by the Parvovirus that last from two to five days, but occasionally may persist for weeks. It occurs in epidemics every few years, and virtually every child will eventually develop the infection before their teenage years. The infection is…

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