Witch’s Milk

Babies of both sexes sometimes produce milk from their nipples in the first few weeks of their life. Witch’s milk is the rather off-putting term used for this rather common problem. Babies can be influenced by the hormones in their mother’s milk, or may be affected immediately before birth by…

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Weaning is the process of transitioning a baby from liquids to solid foods. When weaning is desired, it is best done gradually over several weeks, with one breastfeed at a time being stopped in favour of solids, formula or cow’s milk. The milk supply will gradually reduce, and the breasts…

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When To Take A Child To The Doctor

Mothers are often thought to be over-reacting when it concerns the health of their children. So how do you know when to take a child to the doctor? The signs that indicate that a doctor should be consulted include: Fever a child with a fever over 41°C requires immediate medical…

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