Diet – Tips

Those who are serious about losing weight should follow the plan below. It is effective, and not expensive. It is inappropriate to spend more money to lose weight, as a correct diet is actually cheaper as less food is required, and the food purchased should be fresh rather than processed. Here are some diet tips to help you in the process of losing weight.

Weight Loss Diet

  • obesity-management (2)EAT ONLY THREE TIMES A DAY

Never eat between, before or after your normal meals. Drink only water, black tea/coffee or diet drinks if thirsty.


Eat a balanced selection of the correct foods. This means that those foods with low kilojoule values, selected from all food groups (fruit, vegetables, meats, cereals) are the only ones to eat. Do not stick to one food group for long periods of time, as this can seriously upset the body’s metabolism. Tables of relative food values are readily obtainable from doctors. For example, avocado is very rich in kilojoules, cucumber is low.


Exercise to the point where you are hot, sweaty and breathless. If you are over 40, you should check with your doctor to determine what level of exercise is appropriate. 400 kilojoules (100 calories) will be used by walking briskly for 20 minutes, swimming for 10 minutes, or running flat out for 7 minutes.


If you are not losing weight at the rate of 1 kg per week, averaged over a month, you need to eat less!


Continue until you reach your target weight, and continue dieting to maintain that weight.

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