Fröhlich Syndrome

Fröhlich Syndrome also called Adiposo-genital Dystrophy, a rare childhood disorder characterized by obesity, growth retardation, and smaller genitalia. It is often associated with tumours of the hypothalamus, causing increased appetite and decreased secretion of gonadotropin. The disease is named after Alfred Fröhlich (Froehlich), the Austrian neurologist who first described it properly.

The syndrome is commoner in boys and, because inside the brain the pituitary is close to the hypothalamus, it may be associated with reduced pituitary function. Impaired vision results from pressure by the tumor on the optic nerve.

Some overweight children may appear like they have the disorder while young, but because they have no endocrine disturbances and they mature normally although their puberty may be delayed.

For the treatment, get the tumour removed and restrict the diet until normal weight is achieved.

(Last modified: 18th Sep 2014)

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