Hepatitis C

Hepatitis CHepatitis C is one type of inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus. The liver gets enlarged and tender. Normal liver cell die leaving scar tissue. Liver functioning gradually gets degraded over time. The untreated patient develops liver cirrhosis leading to liver cancer or liver failure, which can then lead to death.

The liver is the biggest engine or biochemical factory in the body and at that it is bigger than any factory in the world. It handles in many ways food, nutrition, energy, removal of waste and toxic material from the blood circulation by sending them to the kidneys to remove in urine or to the bowels to remove in faeces and controls cholesterol and clotting factor besides other functions.

What causes the hepatitis C inflammation?

The most common cause is a particular virus that lives only in the blood and can easily spread from blood to blood via mutually used syringes, skin cuts or punctures, women’s bleeding or any contact what so ever no matter how small between two bloods one of them infected.

Besides blood to blood transmission, other things that can inflame the liver and lead to hepatitis C if used in excess, include alcohol, drugs and other chemicals strange to the body.

After the hepatitis C virus gets into the liver – liver grows gradually larger and tenderer, its cells start dying and getting replaced with scar tissue leading to liver fibrosis (cirrhosis), some cells will regenerate but more often than not regeneration is not enough, liver ability to function deteriorates gradually and patient gets weaker and more intoxicated. If left untreated, only about quarter would survive whereby if treated with the new drugs, the majority (70-80%) would recover.

Hepatitis C Prognosis

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