Intertrigo is an inflammatory skin condition caused by heat, sweat and friction in those who are overweight, have poor personal hygiene, live in the tropics, or suffer from diabetes.

Red, damaged, moist, itchy and burning skin occurs in places where the skin folds back upon itself, such as under the breasts, in the groin and armpit, and in skin folds of the abdomen and neck in obese people. In advanced cases, the skin may crack, bleed, become painful and fungal and/or bacterial infections may develop on the damaged skin.

Treatment involves scrupulous hygiene, controlling diabetes, using antibiotics and antifungals to remove infection, losing weight, and applying drying powders to the affected areas. A piece of soft cloth placed under bulky breasts, and a well fitted bra may help. Plastic surgery to reduce large breasts or excessive skin on the belly may be appropriate. Unfortunately most patients remain overweight, are not consistent in their hygiene, and the problem persists or recurs.

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