Penis Pump

Both mental and physical stress as well as disease can lead to impotence, and a penis vacuum pump (used carefully) may help overcome the problem by both boosting a man’s confidence and increasing the blood supply to the penis.

The penis becomes erect because blood is pumped into the penis and valves close around the veins leading from the penis so that the blood cannot escape. The penis is blown up with blood, rather like a sausage shaped balloon. There are virtually no muscles in the penis so there is nothing to develop and increase in size with exercise.

A penis vacuum pump is a plastic tube which fits over the penis and is held firmly against the skin of the groin. There is an attached squeeze bulb or small electric motor that pumps air out of the tube and sucks blood into the penis, making it erect. When fully erect, a thick elastic band is rolled off the end of the plastic tube around the base of the penis to prevent blood from escaping. After sexual intercourse, the elastic band is removed (it must not be left on for more than half an hour) and the penis loses its erection. A vacuum pump will not increase the size of the penis.

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