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Penis Small - a women holds out a magnifying glass

A lot of rubbish is spoken of about penis size in locker rooms and other areas where men congregate, but medical text indicates that the average male erect penis measured along the top is 13.9 cm in length, and 90% of men have an erect penis that is between 9 cm and 17 cm in length. The other 10% are evenly divided between longer and shorter.

The longest medically recorded erect penis was 32 cm, but this is as much of a outlier as the man who is 270 cm (nine feet) tall.

When it comes to width, 90% of men have an erect penis that is between 24 mm and 40 mm in diameter.  The other 10% are evenly divided between wider and narrower.

There is no direct correlation between height, or any other obvious physical attribute and penis size.

Usually no treatment is necessary as a small penis has no effect upon a man’s fertility and does not determine whether a man is a good lover.

During intercourse, the most sensitive part of a woman’s sexual organs is the clitoris, which is at the outside entrance to the vagina and the “G spot”, which is just inside and on the front wall of the vagina, at a point where even the shortest penis can give stimulation. If desired, there are plastic surgery procedures available that will both lengthen and thicken the penis, but these may have significant complications.

No man with a relatively small penis should underestimate his sexual prowess, as he will be able to satisfy the sexual appetite of any woman if he approaches her in the right way. It is not the size of the equipment that counts, but how it is used.

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