Sex Frequency

Sex Frequency - a close up shot of a couple about to kiss

The frequency of sexual intercourse varies significantly between couples and with age. “How often should we be having sex” is a question that couples from all walks of life will probably ask at some stage in their relationships. Sex frequency should in no way determine the affection a couple have for each other.

In Australia, the average married couple aged between 30 to 35 years will have sex 106 times a year, while the average for couples between 50 and 55 years drops to 41 times a year. Social circumstances, pregnancy, children and individual preferences will result in couples varying significantly from these averages.

Most importantly is the quality of the relationship partners have in determining sex frequency. Other factors can include age, illness, lifestyle and libido. Libido is a term that refers to the overall desire for sexual activity an individual has and is more commonly referred to as sex drive.

Sexual frequency is not a competition. Having sex does not always equate to happiness in a relationship. There can be happy couples who have sex every day and happy couples who have sex once a month. The important thing is not in the quantity but the quality and how satisfied both individuals are in a relationship.

The “battle of the sexes” will never be won, because although most men desire sex more often than women, the majority of women enjoy sex more than men.

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